Enable And Specify Discount In Masters

Easily Specify Discount in Ledger, Group and Category

Enable And Specify Discount In Masters

Competition in business compels businessmen to attract their clients individually offering different offers to different clients. There may be a settlement or commitment for one and second commitments for other client. Specific Discount is one of the methods to regards their clients. Discount may be on different method. These may be on party basis or may be on item wise or also may be different rate of discount for different items. It may be different for different party. We have to satisfy every customer. But how we remember every discount for every client or different discount on different items for different client?

        This modules will definitely help you to maintain your clients in such a way that you need not to record every commitment manually. You may define every discount commitment on Ledger, Stock group and Stock category with a percentage as settled with the client simultaneously. You may fix discount for your client depending on specific situation.

If you want to give discount defined on ledger
                                                          – Select ledger at Voucher Entry

If you want to give discount defined on different Stock Group for selected items
                                                          – Select Stock Group at voucher Entry
If you want to overruled above method, you may select discount defined on Stock Category
                                                          – Select Stock Category at Voucher Entry

            For example, you may want to specify a fix discount percentage for a particular stock group and when you select the stock items of that group in voucher, discount will always be set to the value entered for the stock group.

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